Follow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, get in an EA game

I think Twitter is officially the new place for completely insane, “WTF” moments to happen on the internet. In a move that makes me scratch my head and stop playing The Chronicles of Riddick, EA has announced, via their Twitter page, that they’ll put Ashton Kutcher’s 1,000,000th follower into a future game, so long as CNN doesn’t beat him to the seven figures. Take a moment to re-read that sentence…and now join me in head scratching.

It’s a cool move, albeit completely bizarre, if EA sticks to their word, but the “winner” should have to keep following Ashton for at least 6 months. No lie, if Boom Blox Bash Party wasn’t almost out the door I would pull the internet equivalent of telling kids Santa Claus isn’t real and tripping old ladies to guarantee myself that number and be a Blox — that would be so rad. If you want to get in on this, head over to Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter page and do the dirty deed dirt cheap. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter where we’ll give our 1,000,000th a free oven mitt. Straight gangstas.

*I couldn’t bring myself to use a pic of Ashton Kutcher in the header so you get ducks and a kitten instead.