Mirror’s Edge gets a level editor, kind of

The one thing missing from Mirror’s Edge, and something we’re holding our fingers tightly crossed for in the inevitable sequel, was a level editor where players could build their own ultimate rooftop roads. While we may have to wait to get some proper level editing going on, and hopefully it’ll be as easy to use as the editor included with Far Cry 2, those who own both Unreal Tournament III and Mirror’s Edge on the PC can get a little level building going on right now as users have found a way to get UnrealEd working with Mirror’s Edge.

Getting the editor to work is apparently as easy as downloading something, extracting it, doing some copy-pasting and voila. A link to the necessary download has been removed from the original post but surely those who are in dire need of content that doesn’t include floating blocks and glass among more floating blocks and glass will find out what it was.