Nintendo to have big game at the end of the year?

Here is an interesting little bit of news that could lead to a great big heap of disappointment. Nintendo may be releasing a big game at the end of the year. OK, so Nintendo releases big games every year (theoretically), but this one could be really big — like well known franchise big.

GameStop CEO Don Dematteo dropped the news like it was hot while speaking with news type people. “We think there will be a Nintendo key property coming out by the end of the year,” he said. “They haven’t given us any insight, but they have told us to reserve [shelf] space.”

No specifics, but shelf space will be needed, huh? Could it be the new Zelda that has been rumored to be going around? Or maybe it’s the new WiiFit that could be heading our way. That would explain the shelf space needed, those balance boards take up a solid amount of retail space. Seriously, Nintendo could crap in a box and write Zelda on it and it would be better than their holiday line-up this year, so if we keep our expectations reasonably low we could come out of this smiling.