Sony Europe boss David Reeves retires, successor named

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss David Reeves, the man with more job titles than anyone else in the world, is set to retire. Reeves is currently President, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Chief Operating Officer and all-round Daddy of SCEE. He leaves the company at the end of the month.

Reeves has been with SCEE for 14 years, during which time he was “instrumental” to the success of the PlayStation brand. In an official statement from SCEE, Reeves said, “It has been a wonderful ride with PlayStation. I have just two things to say on leaving: I want to thank all of those people who have supported SCEE and me personally in the past 14 years; you have been magnificent! Secondly, I am going to spend my time now trying to repay society for all I have taken from it. If your children are having physics lessons at the local school or wondering why their ski instructor is very elderly, your car mechanic has a bad back, or the social worker keeps bringing you PSP games, then it could just be me! Good luck to everybody at SCEE and everybody who continues to support us.”

Reeves will be replaced by SCEE’s current Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew House. In filling Reeves’ shoes House will now be responsible for the entire PlayStation brand across Europe and the PAL territories. That’s over 100 countries… and a hell of a lot of job titles. Good luck Andrew.