360 owners get to visit Mars too

We’ve known about Mars for well over a month now as an action RPG set on a post-apolcalyptic Mars that’s under development at the Silverfall creators-founded Spiders studio. Until now it’s been talked about as a PlayStation 3 and PC title with the devs even saying they want to make a great RPG for the PS3 first and foremost, but a release sent out today confirms the game is also on its way to the 360.

There’s not much known about the game yet except the players can play as one of two characters — Seth, an elite soldier with a dark past, or Pandora, an ambitious technomancer — both of whom offer a unique gameplay experience thanks to their different backgrounds, skills and features. And that’s it. Besides the work in progress audio-free video above and the screens and art in the gallery, that’s all we have at the moment. Which is quite a lot actually considering the game is still a long way off — it’s currently set for a late 2010 release.