Assassin’s Creed II coming to the Wii?

In a move that reeks of not being news at all, Ubisoft has officially said absolutely nothing about Assassin’s Creed II coming to the Wii. The press release announcing the game’s official release came out today and touted the game would be released on “all current-generation platforms.” We were all fine with assuming that meant PS3, 360 and PC, but MTV Multiplayer wondered if the also meant a version would be coming out for the Wii. The answer? Not an answer at all.

After inquiring into it Multiplayer received a kind buzz off in the form of “We have only announced Xbox 360, PS3, PC and PSP.” That’s not a denial of a Wii version people! That means it’s practically confirmed! Where the hell is my jump to conclusions mat when I need it? So are we thinking crappy port or an actual game of some worth? Maybe they’ll pull a Dead Space and revamp the whole game for it.