Borderlands shows off “concept art style” in new screenshot

Borderlands, Gearbox’s open world sci-fi shooter, continues to distance itself from the term “cel-shading” with the release of a full screenshot from PC Gamer’s upcoming cover story.

“The new technique uses hand-drawn textures, scanned in and colored in Photoshop, combined with software that draws graphic novel-style outlines around characters and objects, sharpens shadows to look more like something an artist might create, and even draws lines on hills and inclines. Finally the character models were all revamped with more exaggerated proportions, creating the appearance of a detailed comic book in motion,” explains the article.

The look is stylized, but by no means simplified – judging by this screen, which can be viewed in all its high resolution glory on the game’s official website, this is going to be a highly detailed game world full of depth, color and complexity, creating an illustrative look akin to Prince of Persia, but with even more meticulously rendered textures.