Is Eidos hinting at Thief 4?

The Thief games from Eidos rocked. I say rocked because the fourth game in the series was cancelled and up until now it didn’t look like the franchise would be returning. Now, however, a glimmer of hope arises in the form of a teaser site for Eidos Montreal’s second big project, the first being Deus Ex 3.

What is it? As the question mark on the site clearly demonstrates, that is the big question. Many are hoping it is Thief 4 however. The font certainly looks thiefish, does it not? Plus the whole gray scale thing fits in with the Thief world oftly well. Rumors have been flying around that the studio would be working on two big name franchises and Thief would definitely fall into that category. No one will know until that question mark turns into a logo or title of some sort. We’re guessing that will be around the same time as E3.