StarCraft II Battle Report #2 has spawned

In December 2008 Blizzard introduced a little thing called the StarCraft II Battle Report. The first one was a match between two developers, one playing as Terran and one as Protoss, being narrated by two other developers. Whilst one commented on the progression of the game, the other one talked us through all the new features, units, buildings etc. It was a neat idea – the only problem is that it hasn’t been updated.

Until today that is. Luckily for us that frequently goes around with fluorescent lamps in our hands and rants “My life for Aiur,” the same developers are now battling it out at a new 1on1 map called Blistering Sands. This time it’s Terran against Zerg so put on a smile and say hello to the creepy-as-hell Zerg unit “Spine Crawler”.