StarCraft II collector’s edition to come with “making of” DVD

Blizzard’s been treating their fans kindly lately. Not long ago there was a public vote on which kind of Dark Templar unit there should be in StarCraft II and now Blizzard’s asking their fans to participate on their “making of” DVD that is to be included in the game’s collector’s edition.

It was at the official forums where Blizzard’s RTS community manager Kevin Yu appealed to the masses that they were in need of fun questions regarding the making of the game. The boring questions shouldn’t come near the DVD – so try to be otaku and hilarious at the same time if you’re gonna participate.

“We are looking to gather some good questions aimed specifically at the developers of StarCraft II about their experience in developing the game. Fun questions are a plus. Submit your questions to this thread and there is a chance they may be selected to be added in a special video interview with the developers. Feel free to shoot out questions to all parts of the team: Production, Design, Art, Programming, QA, etc.

“Please avoid specific gameplay type questions or other questions better suited for our traditional Q&A batches.”

What are you waiting for, go!