Videogame sneaker round-up!

TVGB are delighted to bring you the first in what promises to be a series of precisely one feature; it’s the videogame sneaker round-up! Yes, yes, delight in the beauty of these handpainted Bubble Bobble Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Pop over to their creator Kass Healy’s Flickr and gaze at their gorgeousness, swoon at their sexiness and implode with joy at their improbable beauty. Then when you’ve finished that, wake up to the fact that if you ever wore them everyone would know you’re a ginormous geek.

But that’s ok, you’re among friends here. That’s why we can also bring you news of a pair of Day of the Tentacle All-Stars (after the jump), which are equally nerdtastic. Created by Maya Plisetskaya, these LucasArts inspired bad boys are notable not just by their existence, but by the fact that you can actually buy them! Purchase merely requires a passing knowledge of Spanish (in order to navigate the complexities of Spain’s eBay), size 9.5 feet and a whopping €250/$330. Oh, and a love of oldschool LucasArts adventures, obviously. Not too specific then.