1 in 6 Demigod players go “arrgh!”

Demigod, the Strategy RPG released this Tuesday, has proven to be another big pirate favorite. In the Day 1 Status Report, Stardock’s Brad Wardell says only around 18,000 of the 120,000 people (later said to be 140,000) trying to connect to the game servers have acquired the the game through honest means. This has turned the game’s launch into an unpleasant one because of the sheer number of people attempting to play the game, something the developers were not ready for.

“Our stress tests had counted on having maybe 50,000 people playing at once at peak and that wouldn’t be reached for a few weeks by which time we would have slowly seen things becoming problematic,” Wardell said, later adding, “[..] we spent a lot of time today trying to isolate out the warez users from the legitimate users (it would require a lot of surgery to actually break them and even if we did, there’d be no friendly “ha ha pirate” message which would result in people just saying the game is buggy).”

The devs have since released an update that should reduce server load and fix issues for most players, and are planning to release another one in the coming days.