Miss Polly Rae brings back the pin-up girl

If there is one thing that has to absolutely positively right about anything having to do with WWII it is the pin-up girl. Whether she is painted on the side of an airplane or hanging off a soldier’s bunk, if there isn’t a pin-up girl in whatever film, game or comic book about WWII it isn’t historically accurate. Eidos knows this and today announced that their upcoming game Battlestations: Pacific will be featuring modern day burlesque star Miss Polly Rae as their WWII pin-up gal.

Rae will appear as one of the many pieces of decorative nose art that players can choose to take in with them. It’s a down home sexy good time for all those boys at the front lines. I’ve honestly never heard of Rae, most likely because she is bigger in Britain, but judging from the photos I can see no reason to protest the inclusion of her in the game.