Capcom gives us a release date for a release date

In the entertainment industry the people who bring you the news routinely have to deal with PR groups and people, the videogame industry is no different. We love them we really do, but this might be a bit much. Capcom has given us a release date for the announcement of the release date for the PC version of Street Fighter IV.

On May 1st expect to find out the date on which the PC version of Street Fighter IV will drop. Not only do PR folks like to announce things they also like to play enigmatic games with us. Natsuki Shiozawa of Capcom gives us a clue “the game will be out this summer, before it gets super hot!” I have to get out my decoder ring to crack this nut. If it’s in the US then it has to be late June early July for it to be hot and not super hot, but what if I’m in Australia or New Zealand then it would be cold in June and July! Gosh I’m confused! Oh well, we’ll wait until May 1st for the official word.