More Left 4 Dead DLC details

Next week Left 4 Dead fans on both PC and Xbox 360 will be getting a free hunk of DLC. As we mentioned before this DLC will enable versus mode for the Dead Air and Death Toll campaigns as well as a brand new Survival Mode. In a recent entry in the Left 4 Dead blog the developers go into great detail on what you can expect from the new Survival Mode.

They’re taking the concept of the finale event we currently know and injecting it with obscene amounts of steroids. Currently having to deal with a tank and specials during one of these events can prove to be difficult if not coordinated properly. But imagine having to deal with that on an increasing level of frequency and also adding regularly spawning horde waves. That’s exactly what the Survival Mode will do to you. While you won’t have to be on the constant move players will have to coordinate effectively and use resources properly in order to get through to the end. The time in between spawns get shorter and shorter as time goes on and you will regularly get a horde wave around the same time a tank spawns. You could also find your self having to deal with multiple tanks and specials if not dealt with properly.

Survival Mode will not be for the faint of heart. It will be a true test of your ability to coordinate and work together with others in an attempt to survive the onslaught of a relentless zombie attack. The DLC is due to release on April 21st on both PC and Xbox 360. We’re still holding out on Zoey hot pants DLC.