XBLA Achievements for Sega classics shown

Rumours have circulated over the past month about several vintage Sega games making their way to Xbox Live Arcade. It looks like the rumours were true – or at least, partly true so far.

Mygamercard.net have posted up Achievements for three of the rumoured games – Altered Beast, Shinobi and Comix Zone. Each game has 12 Achievements greatly ranging in difficulty. For example, in Shinobi you’ll apparently be rewarded simply for dying 20 times on the hardest difficulty. Heck, I could manage that in a minute flat. Defeating the chopper from mission 2 on the hardest difficulty might sadly pose a few more problems.

The other titles reported to be on their way to XBLA were Sonic 3, GunStar Heroes and Phantasy Star II. So far there are no Achievement announcements for these games, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to see if they transpire. Alternatively, you could just go out and buy one of the 2,548 Sega Genesis game collections that have already been released. This one’s a good bet.