Dead Space comes alive in the form of not alive plastic

There are very few game characters that I really want to have sitting around in action figure/statue form in my house. I’ve got love for plenty of them, but only a select few make me want to be able to hold them. Isaac Clarke from Dead Space is definitely one of them and NECA’s Player Select is bringing that dream to life.

The statue features of 20 points of articulation and, of course, weapons to dismember necromorphs with. Which weapon you get will depend on which statue you get. The one seen here comes with the Ripper, but another one, which features Isaac doused in blood, comes with the Line Cutter. I’d vote for the latter.

As far as duplicating Isaac goes I think they did a great job, but they totally removed his slouch. Isaac always seemed like he was either weighed down or had seriously bad posture and I’m not seeing it in this reproduction of him. I demand accuracy! Full image after the jump.