Fight Night Round 4 is all about style

Thank god EA’s Fight Night Round 4 wasn’t all about Tyson vs. Ali. Although that’s probably what’s going to make me pay for the damn thing, it’s comforting to know that there are other elements in the game that’s making it stand on its feet. There’s punching through blocks, inside fighting, flappier cheeks, more blood and then there’s the styles that are presented in the video above.

Whether or not it will be a regular “pick your style”-option or something more customizable is unknown, but it does sound fun. Want to drag yourself around taking punches like the frickin’ Italian Stallion? No problem. Want to jump around like Dennis Rodman on speed? No problem. Hopefully.

Let’s just hope that they make sure it doesn’t feel like you’re caressing someone’s face when you’re punching this time. Iron Mike does not caress anyone.