Full line of Jumpgate ships announced

We’ve got a lot of love for Codemasters’s upcoming title Jumpgate Evolution. The space fighter is fun to play, easy to get into and can operate on basically any computer that doesn’t have only green as a screen color. Still, with our time with the game we’ve only been able to see a few ships here and there, and with the release of the game’s entire line-up of ships we’re a little sad that we haven’t got to play with more.

Ships are broken up into three types: fighters, gunboats and commercial freighters. Fighters are the quick nimble ones that players will start off with, but can also upgrade to better fighter ships while gunboats are great big ships with plenty of armor and power that work best as the backbone of any space assault. Finally, commercial ships aren’t too well armed, but they’re what make the world run so they need to be kept safe.

I am no fan of MMOs, but the simplicity and scale of Jumpgate has got me really intrigued.