LittleBigPlanet’s big price drop

Sony’s highly praised new PlayStation franchise LittleBigPlanet can now be obtained for a mere fraction of its original cost, MCV is reporting. UK retailers like, Play and Amazon have the six month old game available in the £10-£13 price range which is way below its suggested retail price of £44.99.

“In general the retail environment is very tough at present, but the positive consequence is that when consumers are feeling the need to monitor their spending there are still some attractive deals to be had if people shop around,” is Sony’s reasoning as presented by a company spokesperson. “It is commonly accepted that in times of economic hardship, people value their entertainment. And the multiple hours of entertainment value represented in a video game can makes games a more attractive purchase, especially at a discounted price.”

If you were waiting for a ‘little’ discount before picking up the game, it probably wont’t get any better than this. And with all the money you’ll have left over, you can pick up the official strategy guide which MCV points out now costs more than the actual game.