Earth Day game is recycled after today

Today is Earth Day and Sony wants you to celebrate that fact by staying inside and burning those plentiful fossil fuels playing videogames. Sony Europe has released Trash Panic for today only as a download on your PS3, after which it will go back into hibernation until this spring.

The game, which seems to be a Europe-only release as our PSN account did not list the game as available, will challenge the player’s brain to get a grip on trash problems and stop the virtual planet from being overrun by a flood of rubbish. In what appears to be a twist on Tetris, the game tasks players to take the trash out by arranging pieces of rubbish in the bin before it overflows. Strategy also plays a part as some pieces can be compacted by heavier ones and biodegradable items placed alongside one another decompose, clearing room for more garbage all while the clock ticks away.

While we have no actual gameplay, enjoy the screens below and just imagine the thrill of the life of a sanitation engineer.