Fallout 3’s Broken Steel coming May 5

We were all shocked when we heard Fallout New Vegas would be coming out in 2010. It almost took attention away from Broken Steel, the third downloadable episode for Fallout 3 that will be available on May 5 for 800 MS points. Broken Steel follows the Brotherhood of Steel as they try to eliminate the last of Enclave forces. Broken Steel will require that we complete the main quest in Fallout 3 in order to start the quest but the level cap will also be raised to 30 to give us something extra to shoot for.

The higher level cap will provide a challenge for players over level 18. New enemies will be appear such as a super mutant overlord. He will use a tri-beam laser rifle that can be picked up and used by the player. Higher levels also mean more perks such as Nerves of Steel and Puppies; Nerves of Steel increases the regeneration rate of our action points and Puppies reincarnates Dog Meat as a puppy if he dies.

Broken Steel will overwrite Fallout 3‘s original ending and begins a couple weeks after the Project Purity mission. The goal is to build a Tesla Cannon for the Brotherhood that will aid them in their fight against the Enclave. This will eventually lead us to a new area called Adams Airforce Base to launch the attack. Broken Steel will take about five hours to complete and side missions could take up to an hour to finish.

Below are some new screens of the Broken Steel.