Geek cred approved apparel

Having the right look while trying to impress that someone special is crucial. We of the videogame culture have the same wardrobe problems as those of the four-popped-collar culture, *cough* Razak *cough* only with less douchebaggery. The main worry is maintaining a look as cool as possible while keeping a sense of individuality, which is where Japan’s Uniqlo store steps in.

Offering t-shirts with obvious image references to gaming, like Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet, to the totally obscure, such as only Sonic’s hands around your nipple region, these threads are not for everyone. The store has collaborated with several gaming companies to market the t-shirts based on the titles above, as well as Mega Man, Resident Evil, Momotaro Dentstsu, and others for around $15 each.