Interested in a new Zone of the Enders game?

Squint hard enough through the pretty explosions and you’ll see a giant robot!

Now that Hideo Kojima has wrapped up Metal Gear Solid 4, he’s ready to return to that time-tested staple of Japanese entertainment: giant robots.

In the past, Kojima expressed interest in working on a high-definition iteration of Zone of the Enders, his 2001 PlayStation 2 mecha series that spawned two anime and two sequels – 2001’s Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars for Game Boy Advance and 2003’s Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner for PlayStation 2. And though the adventures of Solid Snake took precedence, the famed designer hasn’t forgotten his fondness for sexually charged cockpit design. In the latest Metal Gear Solid Integral podcast, listeners were asked if they were interested in a sequel.

“If there’s so many people wanting to see Zone of the Enders, why not put the priority on top, a little further up, you know, but we just want to know,” said Konami’s Aki Saito, encouraging listeners to “make sure you write your comments and we’ll check your comments out.”