Introducing PixelJunk 1-4

Q-Games has finally shown off the fourth game in their PixelJunk series. Interestingly, it isn’t PixelJunk Dungeons, the game that the developer announced to be their next project, instead its named PixelJunk 1-4. How the game will play is yet to be revealed, the little guys in the ridiculously small pictures below don’t give away much, but after the studio’s fairly odd last outing with Eden, you can bet it won’t be like anything you’ve seen before. The numbers could suggest another co-op experiences.

President of Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert took the rather unusual option of announcing the game via a Facebook event. Along with the first screenshots of the PSN title, he also set the challenge to readers to help achieve selling one million units at launch. That’s a pretty interesting way of asking for money.

Info’s lacking right now, but Cuthbert promises to update the page with screenshots etc from time to time.