Japanese giants go schmupin’ crazy

SNK Playmore make fighting games and Square Enix make JRPGs. That is the way it has been and always will be. It’s like, the 11th commandment, or something. But the two Japanese developers obviously have diferent ideas, as both have announced their intentions to release Xbox Live Arcade shoot-em-ups.

SNK are staying closest to home – in name if nothing else – with the release of King of Fighters Sky Stage. Annouced via the latest Famitsu (cheers Kotaku), Sky Stage is a vertical scrolling shooter set in the KoF universe. As you can see from the screenshots after the jump, it also seems to indicate that you take control of a KoF fighter who can both fly and shoot fire. We are unconvinced.

Square Enix, presumably signalling the start of the XBLA onslaught they teased a few months back, are also getting in on the act. Announced at last night’s Microsoft Japan presser, 0 Day Attack and Project Cube now have trailers. Juding by the footage (below), 0 Day Attack looks like a pretty standard twin-stick shooter, while Project CUBE (above) looks intriguingly bonkers and also promises 8-player co-op and versus multiplayer. Which could be nuts.

Despite the small amount of intrigue created by Project CUBE, you have to say that all this is pretty underwhelming. Two of Japan’s oldest developers, responsible for some of the best games ever made in their respective fields, and their first forays into bespoke downloadable content brings three schmups? Dissapointing. These will have to be really good to make an impact.

0 Day Attack

King of Fighters Sky Stage