Valkyria Chronicles gaining speed

One of the things I hate about the gaming industry (and the film industry and Western culture in general) is that it’s all about the initial reception. If a game doesn’t sell well in its first month then it is a flop. The whole GTA: Chinatown Wars thing is a perfect example of this (discussed wisely and sagely on our the Cross Platform Podcast). Or what about Valkyria Chronicles, that was a flop right? Not so fast.

Given some time it turns out that the overwhelming positive word of mouth (much of which was generated by Thom’s review) has started to take affect. According to SEGA of America’s Blog Valkyria Chronicles‘s sales have jumped to the number five spot on the PS3 in the US and taken the number one spot in Japan on Amazon. That five spot is behind major market titles like Guitar Hero and Killzone 2, and even though the increased sales of the game in Japan are due to a price drop that is still insanely impressive as the game beat out both Yakuza 3 and Resident Evil 5.

So from now on when we talk about Valkyria Chronicles it will now longer be the woefully underappreciated and underselling game, but the incredibly fantastic title that worked its magic far after its release date.