When jokes go too far: LEGO Rock Band officially confirmed

Those long circulating rumors suggesting LEGO minifigs would soon be rocking their own rhythm game have been confirmed – yes, LEGO Rock Band is real.

LEGO Rock Band, currently being developed by Traveller’s Tales and Harmonix for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, will use all the current controllers to deliver a family-focused version of the Rock Band experience, allowing teens and tweens to customize their own “minifigure avatars” down to the number of squiggly chest hairs.

“We’re thrilled to offer another LEGO branded gaming experience that will deliver humorous and social play for families and friends,” said LEGO’s Henrik Taudorf Lorensen in unsurprisingly upbeat press release. “LEGO Rock Band is built around the same values of imagination and family-friendly creative role play that is present in other LEGO videogames. It will deliver innovative new elements of game play that complement the fun of the Rock Band experience.”

I think the LEGO games are funny, but this particular punchline just isn’t doing it for me.