EA Sports’ online games see a 175% increase

EA games are popular. EA Sports games are popular. To show off their popularity, EA has announced that since launching their 2009 EA Sports line-up last June, 500 million online games have been played. On average that’s more than 2.2 million games daily, an increase of 175% over last year.

“The massive migration to online gaming has transformed the video game landscape, and this week’s 500 millionth online EA SPORTS game highlights the radical shift that we’ve helped pioneer in the industry,” EA Sports prez Peter Moore says. “Online gameplay allows real-time competitions with fans from around the world who speak the global language of sports. EA SPORTS is committed to providing personal access to the emotion of sports by continuing to create immersive online features, compelling new downloadable content and daily real-time stats updates.”

If you want to get to the statistics of the funny, there have been over 4 billion minutes worth of EA Sports games played since last summer and right now there are over 35 years worth of games being played every day. We guess that’s a lot.