Knights in the Nightmare looks really frickin’ cool

Every once in a while I think we should all take a moment and consider what the world would be like without Atlus putting out unique and original games like Knights in the Nightmare. It would be a dark and scary place with smaller genres getting almost no attention and truly creative games coming out far less often. Thankfully, this is not the world we live in and thus we get to eventually play Knights in the Nightmare.

The gameplay in this sucker is hard to describe in words. It’s an RPG at heart, but the touch screen elements add some shooter action into it and the battle system is like no other you’ve ever seen before. Thankfully, Atlus has provided us with a video of the game and an even more enlightening training video, which can be viewed below the jump. In it you’ll get to see what is really one of the most creative uses of the DS’s touchscreen we’ve ever seen and you’ll also automatically go and pre-order the game. This just looks too sweet to pass up.