Nintendo pushing the online

The Wii has online features, but it’s safe to say that they aren’t the most used of the three consoles. In fact, for many, if wireless internet could collect dust the Wii’s would have a pretty solid layer over it. The problem isn’t just that the hardcore gamers don’t use their Wii for online antics too often, but also that the more casual gamers have no idea the thing even connects to the net. Nintendo is hoping to change this with an 8 week advertising push called ‘Get it Online.”

The campaign kicked off in the UK with a big banner on Nintendo’s site that links people to helpful videos about how to get their games online. Those who are worried they may need to set it up on the fly can also have the videos sent to their phone. The videos are almost nauseatingly simple in their presentation, and it’s pretty clear this is all geared towards getting people to realize they have an online machine instead of getting more people playing online games. However, it’s a good first step I suppose. At least this shows Nintendo is actually behind its online capabilities. In fact if you watch through these videos you’ll come out thinking the Wii has a pretty robust online offering it it weren’t for the fact that FRIEND CODES STILL EXIST.