Sony says the Wii is good for them

It looks like Sony is finally going the Microsoft route and saying that the Wii is something that is good for the entire industry on a whole and that once people realize how awesome gaming is they’ll want to step up to a more powerful high definition system. In an in depth interview Gamasutra did with Sony’s Peter Dille he discussed the Wii’s success and how Sony believes that the more Wiis sold mean the more prospective buyers for PS3s.

After complimenting Nintendo’s success and stating that no one at Sony thinks the waggle box is a fad anymore Dille went on to say, “There’s a perspective here that, if we all believe that the Wii and Nintendo are doing something that hasn’t been done — i.e., bringing more people into gaming — that’s a good thing. Now, if those people get hooked on gaming and they want to continue with their gaming habit, then many of them will figure out ‘Okay, what else can I do?’ and ‘wouldn’t a high-definition gaming experience be of interest to me?”

What about the family gaming that the Wii offers though. The Wii conjures up ideas of people gathered around to play with each other, the PS3 reminds you of Darth Vader alone in his egg shell thing. Dille says the PS3 isn’t like that at all. “It’s always been a platform that’s inclusive; it’s got something for everyone. We believe that the family that’s been involved in Wii gaming — having a PS3 as the centerpiece of their living room is a great thing that the whole family can enjoy much the same way that you can enjoy Wii but perhaps on steroids; it does so much more.”

This is all well and good in theory, but Nintendo has enough trouble getting people to jump onto hardcore gaming on a console they already own. Why will they migrate over to one that costs them even more. The whole centerpiece to the living room is a great pull, but if Sony thinks they have a system that can be just as easily fun for the entire family they’re fooling themselves big time.