Sony supports the Earth some more, Earth rotates around the sun in response

We all care about the Earth in one way or another. I think that is a pretty safe assumption. However, some of us do more to keep it clean than others. For instance, today, while you sit on your butt and play videogames that you bought from a store because you hate the environment and all small fuzzy animals, I will be downloading a movie over the PSN’s video service because I love the environment and I am friends with all the animals. I’m like Dr. Doolittle over here.

Oh, but you don’t understand how that helps the environment? It’s because SCEA will be donating a dollar for every piece of content downloaded up to 10,000 to Conservation International, who “seeks to protect Earth’s high-biodiversity wilderness areas and important marine region.” This is on top of their other Earth Day offer. BAM! I saved the Earth. Of course my first hurdle will be going to the store to buy a PS3 which will pollute because I’ll have to drive. Plus, I’m sure the PS3 process of manufacturing caused some pollution. Then there is the power I’ll have to use to run the thing. Man, saving the Earth is hard.