And the lifetime achievement award goes to Final Fantasy

The above image is pretty bland (and has a Kotaku water mark on it), but it sums everything up so well that we couldn’t think of putting anything else there. Those are the lifetime sales numbers for Square Enix’s biggest franchises as they were revealed during a recent corporate strategy meeting. Obviously, Final Fantasy took the cake since it has been milked into every genre imaginable and still produces high quality, must-have RPGs every five years or so.

However, the 47 million units of Dragon Quest sold is way more impressive. That series hasn’t been bastardized nearly as much as FF and its sales number are still astronomical. On top of that DQ doesn’t have the western following that FF has meaning it got that number mostly through Japanese sales. One can only imagine the sales numbers Dragon Quest would be at if it had had a game like FFVII that opened it up to the west. Then again, think of all the extra crappy spin-offs we would have had to endure.