Apple pulls ‘Baby Shaker’ game from store

Outraged parents’ organizations have won their appeal to have an obscene new iPhone app removed from Apple’s online store. The 99-cent game Baby Shaker was taken down on Wednesday, two days after it was added.

According to The Guardian, Baby Shaker came with the following description: “On a plane, on the bus, in a theatre. Babies are everywhere you don’t want them to be! They’re always distracting you from preparing for that big presentation at work with their incessant crying. Before Baby Shaker, there was nothing you could do about it. See how long you can endure his or her adorable cries before you just have to find a way to quiet the baby down!”

Written by Sikalosoft, the ‘game’ displays various black and white drawings of babies over a soundtrack of children crying. If the user shakes the iPhone hard enough, two large red crosses appear over the child’s eyes and the crying stops. Forgive me if I don’t immediately delete Critter Crunch and rush to find a copy.

Patrick Donohue, the founder of the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation, whose aim is to raise awareness of the dangers of shaking babies, complained to Apple chief executive Steve Jobs.

He said: “As the father of a three-year-old who was shaken by her baby nurse when she was only five days old, breaking three ribs, both collarbones and causing a severe brain injury, words cannot describe my reaction.”

Apple so far have declined to comment on how the game got through their screening process. This debacle obviously throws into question the methods Apple use, despite some developers claiming that the process can take weeks or months.

Sikalosoft, it should be mentioned, thoughtfully added the disclaimer: “Never, never shake a baby.”

The San Francisco based company appears to have only created one other iPhone app, Dice Mosaic. Thankfully, this simply turns your photos into a mosaic made of dice, and doesn’t involve hurling the dice at innocent pensioners until their eyeballs pop out and their chins explode.