Fallout 3 Broken Steel gameplay footage

Footage from Broken Steel, the upcoming DLC for Fallout 3, is currently stomping around the internet like a giant commie-hating robot. Also featuring a chat with Bethesda’s Todd Howard and Emil Pagliarulo, there’s some tasty stuff in the latest X-Play vid so we’ve gone and blatantly stolen it to show you here. The internet is a beautiful thing.

So what have we got? There’s the aforementioned giant robot dishing out the ‘splosions, a Supermutant Overlord, some Brotherhood of Steel assisted carnage, a fancy new laser rifle and plenty of the crumbling, radiation parched wilderness we’ve come to know and love. There’s also some potential ending spoilage too. It’s not blatant, but if you haven’t finished Fallout 3 yet (like me!) turn your brain down to dim before watching.

Broken Steel is available for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Live from from May 5. It’s the last of the scheduled Fallout 3 DLC. *Sob*