FUEL’s new GPS system puts TomTom to shame

This latest FUEL trailer showing off the game’s GPS system, which guides racers from checkpoint to chequered flag via a glowing stream of arrows, makes me wonder why we don’t have cars with HUD-enhanced windshields yet. You’re already way behind on those rocket cars, automobile industry! Let’s not drop the ball on this one, mkay?

FUEL‘s take on turn-by-turn directions uses a constantly updating mini-map to pinpoint each racer’s location in the game world’s massive 5,000 square-miles of procedurally generated terrain, adjusting its suggested route accordingly. Of course, the suggested route may not always be the quickest – just like in real life, veering off the path could reward you with a shortened morning commute or introduce you to a face full of windshield.

For those who like a little mystery in their post-apocalyptic open world races, the GPS system can also be turned off for the “ultimate man and machine versus Mother Nature challenge.”