GameStop contests are weird

Does anyone follow GameStop contests regularly? Are they all as odd as their upcoming contest for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine release? There are so many awesome features about Wolverine to pick out, but GameStop has decided that their contest should be based around his hefty mutton chops. Everyone (who is male, I guess) is invited to grow out their mutton chops and post them at Winners will be chosen weekly and will receive a $100 gift card to GameStop. Even if you aren’t able to grow manly facial hair you can go to the site and draw on your own sideburns and those could win.

The contest will run until May 22, which gives me just enough time to grow out the two or three strands of facial hair that my cheeks can usually muster up. Those of you blessed with the ability to look like a Russian Czar in the span of a day have a pretty unfair advantage here. Thankfully GameStop has not announced how the judging will be done, meaning they could be looking for the weakest set of mutton chops around. $100 gift card here I come.