More LEGO Rock Band details revealed

Were you afraid that the upcoming LEGO Rock Band was going to be a shameless cash grab? Well rest easy rhythm genre fans, because the game’s official product description has revealed it to be…a shameless cash grab with giant robots! The kid friendly LEGO-themed “rock challenges” will have players using the power of music to destroy a giant robot, summon a storm, and demolish a skyscraper, reinforcing my belief that further research into the military applications of Hannah Montana is needed. Same goes for The Jonas Brothers.

The listing also reveals what differentiates this younger skewing entry into the franchise from its predecessors, beyond the minifig characters, bubblegum tracks and reduced difficulty settings. The LEGO theme will be incorporated into gameplay via collectible bricks dropped after each song, allowing players to build cooler vehicles, move to new venues, and decorate their LEGO rock den. This begs the question, how many pieces do you need to build a heroin needle?