PAX 09 details make living on the east coast less fun

I hear tales sometimes of the Penny Arcade Expo. Tales I would find hard to believe if there wasn’t photographic evidence of the awesome that is the event. Sadly it is located in Washington state and I, along with much of the US, am not. Thus the details of the 2009 PAX sadden me despite their greatness. The event looks to be epic and Tycho and Gabe, the founders of Penny Arcade, say it will be even bigger than last year as it is taking up even more space in the convention center.

Musically the gaming tunes will be off the hook this year with returning favorites Freezepop, Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot, Anamanaguchi stepping up once again and Paul and Storm and Metroid Metal joining the fray. I hear these concerts are epic to say the least. On top of this the highlight reel for companies that are exhibiting looks like something out of E3. Some of the over 60 game companies that will be there are The Behemoth, Bethesda, Bioware, Blizzard, Capcom, CCP Games, EA, Foundation 9, Microsoft, Mythic, Nintendo, NC Soft, Rockstar, Telltale, Turbine, Ubisoft, Upper Deck, Valve, and WB Games. If Sony joins the fray this will be the greatest gaming convention ever, and all of us east coast dwellers will have to wait for PAX to come to us.