PS3 gets The Joker as exclusive playable character in Batman: Arkham Asylum

It appears the good folks in the ad department at Sony Home slipped up a bit. The four or five people who still wander aimlessly around Home spotted an advertisement for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum which bragged about the ability to play as the Joker in the PS3 version of the game. After this news broke over at Kotaku, who said the PR people seemed a bit surprised the ad was up, a press release was sent over officially announcing the Joker’s playability.

The Joker will be a free downloadable character exclusive to the PS3 and gamers will be able to grab him the day the game comes out. He’ll only be playable in the challenge maps of the game, not in the regular single player. No word on how the maps will actually work with the Joker or if they’ll be different maps, but one would suppose that since Batman and the Joker are so different that this won’t just be a new skin that players can grab. More details are going to be revealed in the upcoming edition of Playstation: The Official Magazine, which is where we’re guessing the news was originally suppose to break.