Star Trek: D-A-C beaming down to XBLA and PSN

The world of Star Trek in videogames has been a bit rocky. There have been some glimmers of hope here and there, but mostly when the franchise has gone into gaming it isn’t been so hot. So I’m almost relieved to see that the new Star Trek film’s game won’t be some big budget piece of junk thrown together as a tie-in, but a downloadable shooter which might just have had enough development time to be good.

Star Trek: D-A-C will be a top down shooter with single player and online functionality that lets players command three styles of ships in each faction from the Star Trek universe. The press release is touting that oh-so important pick-up-and-play quality that gaming companies are desperate for. Never fear though, it’s also geared towards fans of the show and hardcore players with its fantastic level of depth. Man, that is so convenient that it can be geared towards both of those groups even though some might argue they’re a bit opposite. Snide comments about PR spin aside, the game is going to feature some 12-player multiplayer and will also have a co-op mode to play through.

The space battles in Star Trek have always been a bit different since the focus is much more on large ships than small jets flying around. That approach has always been interesting in film and I hope that it translates well into gaming here. It’s also good to know that the series will be involved in games beyond rocking out. The game releases on Xbox Live Arcade some time in May and for the PlayStation Network and PC soon after.