Crack on crack Popcap does it again

If World of Warcraft wasn’t already an addictive enough in its own right, Popcap went ahead and decided to lace our WoWcrack with more gaming addiction with the Bejeweled add-on. Now they have gone and done it again with adding in one of the most addictive casual games on the market with the new Peggle WoW addon. That means you can play Peggle inside of WoW and never have to leave. We might as well start calling the rehab clinics now.

Popcap is playing the part of the street dealer here. These add-ons are what could be described as gateway drugs leading into the deeper addiction that is Popcap’s library. They’re offering these two add-ons for free in an attempt get you hooked on bouncing chrome balls around, breaking blocks. While this has little effect on me since I’m already struggling to defeat a rampant Peggle addiction, this could be the gateway for more lives to descend into the pits of addiction hell. Alright, we’re joking of course but this is pretty wild and these games do have some levels of addiction attributed to them. So play WoW and Peggle together, carefully.