Let’s learn about Spyborgs

When we first heard about Spyborgs we were certainly intrigued. It looked like Capcom was putting some solid effort into making an interesting Wii game and that idea was only backed up by the news that it was going to be EPIC. This was all last June though, what of the here and now? What news on Spyborgs is there? Evidently news from Captivate, the event where Capcom shows off its games to people.

Above you’ll see a leaked trailer of the animatics for the characters in the game and below are two images of people playing the game, both courtesy of GoNintendo. Not much to go on, but it will have to do until whatever embargo or NDA everyone who played the game signed is over and they can write about the thing. The screens are pretty useless, but the vid shows off some attacks, blocking and combos so it looks like part of the game will be a brawler, most likely controlled by the now standard button pushing for basic attacks/motion for finishers unless Bionic Games is cooking up something special with Wii MotionPlus.