Super realistic Resident Evil 5 figures coming to Japan

Not only does Japan get the cooler name for our favorite zombie-fighting franchise, they also get these super realistic Biohazard 5 figures courtesy of Hong Kong’s Hot Toys, whose specialty is crafting incredibly detailed 1/6 scale figures that make the western world weep with jealousy.

Currently the line consists of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, who despite standing only a foot tall and being made of plastic are eerily life-like, down to Chris’ bulging veins and Sheva’s multiple piercings. Look deep into their semi-translucent eyes and you’ll feel confident sending them up against a miniature zombie outbreak any day. Both figures feature multiple points of articulation, genuine fabric costumes, interchangeable posing hands and an armory’s worth of weaponry, in addition to a rather pricey sales point – though not yet made official, Hot Toy’s collectible figures usually cost around 18,000+ JP¥ ($185+ USD).

Anyone know how much plasma is going for these days?