Alpha Protocol walkthrough shows us how to decide

The cool thing about Alpha Protocol and its interactive conversation trees is that it looks like they’re really going all out with it. Sometimes you get these things in games and, like the video says, it’s just good and bad and it only affects that one decision. From what we’ve seen of Alpha Protocol even one wrong sentence can have an effect on the entire outcome of the game.

If you’ve been wondering how this all works the above video will explain a lot. Entire levels will be played differently depending on what you decide to do and if you decide one way it’s going to play a big part later in the game. I’m starting to feel a “this game has 1 bajillion endings” quote coming on any time now. Hopefully, since this is an early build, some of the uglier graphics will be smoothed out by the time the game releases a little way down the road. How exactly does the protagonist keep that gun hovering just above his back like that? Maybe he’s a Jedi!