BioShock movie on hold

Gore Verbinski’s film adaption of BioShock has been put on hold by Universal Pictures, according to Variety. The studio apparently halted pre-production and let go of some staff as the film’s budget reached an eye-watering $160 million.

In order to trim some of the cost, Verbinski and Universal are holding talks about shooting outside of the US. Filming was due to take place in LA, but could now be shifted to somewhere like London. The studio execs still appear optimistic that the film won’t be canned, with Verbinski himself describing the project as “in a holding pattern,” but given the drama behind the supposed Halo film, it’s probably best not to hold your breath.

If we were Verbinski, we’d probably just construct a makeshift Rapture in our local swimming pool, out of old pizza boxes and candy wrappers. Estimated cost: $42.99. Plus, you can sustain the film crew on the pizza and candy.