Nintendo DS box + Rocks + Chinese Newspaper = Wal-Mart

Here’s a fun one for the day, which NintendoEverything broke. A Lake Wales, FL resident by the name of Jodi Wykle recently went and bought her son a Nintendo DS for his birthday. She craftily built up to it by having him first unwrap the game she bought him as well: Guitar Hero: On Tour. Good enough, but then when he probably got super giddy to see the actual DS box, giddiness turned to confused disappointment when the contents of the box proved to be Chinese newspaper… and rocks.

It seems only to bolster the story when it’s mentioned that this happened in a Wal-Mart. A store that, upon Wykle going back wanting a refund and/or an actual DS with contents listed on the box’s label, would give neither, saying the console had never been returned before and a subtext of “We don’t believe you.” After getting the attention of some local news, though, Wal-Mart national reps saw that it was investigated and, ah!, it had been returned before! How ’bout that! To make it up to Wykle, who had to buy another DS to appease her son, they gave her a full refund and a $20 gift card.

I have to wonder… what if they just said it had been returned before, but it really hadn’t? What if this was, indeed an elaborate scheme? I find it hard to believe that a family named “Wykle” would have Chinese Newspaper laying around, but rocks… yeah… rocks…