Stay away from if you value your virus-free existence

Actually, we’re just being dramatic — you couldn’t visit if you tried, and that’s because the site is down as of this writing. According to the folks over at Joystiq, on Friday morning, “a ‘third-party entity’ hacked Atlus’ website and managed to embed a trojan that, ‘may have made its way’ onto the system.” The publisher suspects users who visited the site between 9 a.m. PST and 12:30 p.m. PST that day may have been affected.

Obviously shaken by the event, Atlus released a statement that included the following: “The faith and trust of our fans is of the utmost importance to us, a responsibility we don’t take lightly. As such, we are deeply troubled by this development, and we are now working to repair and restore the website.” Seeing as how Atlus is one of the few publishers in the industry that always seems to have their fans’ best interests at heart, we doubt they’ll have any trouble restoring that faith and trust.