Video Channel for Wii live in Japan on May 1

The streaming video channel hinted by Nintendo late last year has been revealed and will go live in Japan on May 1.

Nintendo definitely went through with the statement that their streaming video channel will be different from Netflix on Xbox 360. The channel opens showing a group of up to eight Miis in a family room. The family room itself has a calendar and a message board where you can invite over celebrities to join the “family” of Miis. Oh, but you want to know about the actual video content, right? Well, Nintendo is forgoing support for mainstream movies and the like, instead providing all original programming with a focus on cartoons and family-friendly programming. The programs will be either pay to view or free with ad support.

There are no plans to bring the channel over to the West yet, and quite honestly, I wouldn’t expect it to. There are many very Japanese culture specific elements to the whole thing, such as asking for each Mii’s blood type, which carries significance comparable to western star signs as personality determinants. And really, I don’t see much demand for Nintendo-made cartoons and Japanese oriented family programming in the West.